A new locality record for Radfordiella desmodi Radovsky, 1967 (Mesostigmata: Macronyssidae) parasitizing the vampire bat in Brazil





mites, ectoparasites, Brazilian states, Chiroptera, Desmodus rotundus


Macronyssid mites are ectoparasites of reptiles, birds, and mammals (mainly bats). Out of 35 genera in this family, Radfordiella Fonseca, 1948 is a genus from the Neotropical region with six valid species, found parasitizing phyllostomid bats. Only Radfordiella desmodi Radovsky, 1967 and Radfordiella oudemansi Fonseca, 1948 have been registered in Brazil. The present study provides a new locality record for the species R. desmodi, microscopy images to aid in the identification, and a distribution map.


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Bassini-Silva, R., Moura, A. P., Dowling, A. P. G., André, M. R., Jacinavicius, F. . de C., & Barros-Battesti, D. M. (2021). A new locality record for Radfordiella desmodi Radovsky, 1967 (Mesostigmata: Macronyssidae) parasitizing the vampire bat in Brazil. Entomological Communications, 3, ec03046. https://doi.org/10.37486/2675-1305.ec03046



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