Outbreak of Lauritrioza alacris (Flor, 1861) (Hemiptera, Triozidae) in a commercial plantation of bay laurel (Laurus nobilis L., Lauraceae) in Brazil





laurel psyllid, damage, distribution, occurrence, identification


An attack of Lauritrioza alacris (Flor, 1861) (Hemiptera: Triozidae) was recorded in a commercial plantation of bay laurel (Laurus nobilis L., Lauraceae) in the municipality of Dois Lajeados, Rio Grande do Sul state (RS), Brazil. The immature triozids induced galls on the attacked leaves consisting of the thickened margins that became folded downward, forming an elongated tube-shaped roll that sheltered the immatures. All developmental stages (egg, immatures, and adults) of the psyllid were found on young leaves of bay laurel. Lauritrioza alacris is an introduced pest in Brazil that was detected in Pelotas, RS in 1949 and Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro state in 1953. Therefore, we are reporting the third record of L. alacris; however, it is the first documented information of an infestation in a commercial bay laurel plantations by L. alacris in Brazil. Information on taxonomy, biological aspects, distribution, and damage caused by the laurel psyllid is also provided.


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