The first faunistic records of soldier flies (Stratiomyidae: Diptera) from Oman with taxonomic notes




Oman insects, Odontomyia, Oplodontha, Nemotelus, Tinda


Stratiomyidae is a diverse family of orthorrhaphous Brachycera. It exhibits great morphological variation and is the largest family in the infraorder Stratiomyomorpha. The present communication deals with the recording of five species of soldier flies from Oman, of which Odontomyia angulata (Panzer, 1798), Odontomyia xanthopus Bezzi, 1906, Oplodontha pulchriceps Loew, 1858, Nemotelus (Nemotelus) niloticus Olivier, 1811 from northern Oman and an unidentified specimen of Tinda Walker, 1859 from southern Oman, in Dhofar region.


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