First record of the neotropical subgenus Hylaeus (Gongyloprosopis) Snelling, 1982, for Brazil (Hymenoptera: Colletidae)




Hylaeus orbicus, Amazonas, Vismia japurensis


We report the first record of the neotropical bee subgenus Hylaeus (Gongyloprosopis) Snelling, 1982 (Colletidae) for Brazil. Additionally, an overview of the current geographic records for the three known species of the subgenus is presented. We expand the distribution of Hylaeus (Gongyloprosopis) orbicus (Vachal, 1910), the male is illustrated, and the first floral association with Vismia japurensis Reichardt (Hypericaeae) is reported for this species.


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Mahlmann, T. ., Hipólito, J. ., Montefusco, M. ., & Krug, C. . (2020). First record of the neotropical subgenus Hylaeus (Gongyloprosopis) Snelling, 1982, for Brazil (Hymenoptera: Colletidae). Entomological Communications, 2, ec02012.



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